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Audio & Video

Transform your vehicle with the latest technology in mobile entertainment. Our knowledgeable staff can configure multiple entertainment zones and create the ultimate listening environment to meet your needs and desires. From DVD and MP3 players, head units, video consoles and gaming systems, to navigational and GPS tracking equipment, security systems, and extreme high performance stereos.

In Dash Radio
Experience power, better sound, cd player, direct iPod Control, Satellite radio, HD Radio, Bluetooth Hands free.

Enjoy MP4, VCD, & DVD movies on the road with the excitement of surround sound.

Improve your sound and bass by replacing those old speakers with new quality ones.

More power, equals louder and higher quality sound. Amplifiers give that power needed to increase your music to the next level.

All music has bass, so why don't you have one. A sub woofer adds warmth to the music that your factory speakers never could.

Custom Installation
One of a kind custom installation to display your audio equipment, or stealth installation hiding and protecting your new investments.

Did you know that the average American adult spends over 600 hours per year behind the wheel?  Doesn’t it seem silly to spend all that time listening to a poor quality factory radio with limited features? 

Advanced Custom Sound
has you covered!  Whether you just want a simple speaker upgrade, a concert sound system, a complete “Car Theater”, or a big bass monster, we have the knowledge and expertise to lead you down the right path.  Maybe you looking for the latest in-car technologies such as Ipod integration, HD Radio, GPS navigation, internet Radio or Bluetooth handsfree for your cell, but you don’t know where to start?  Our knowledgeable, honest staff will be happy to give you all the pointers you need.

Advanced Custom Sound

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Advanced Custom Sound
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Warren, OH 44483
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